Near the large, modern Arab town of Kfar Kanna in the Lower Galilee, lies the site of the ancient Jewish village of Cana, mentioned in the New Testament. The area has become a popular pilgrimage site as it is here that Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle of turning water into wine. The village is centred around the street of churches with its peaceful little plazas, and an attractive promenade lined with some upmarket hotels allowing visitors to enjoy the convenience of modern facilities while they explore the area’s ancient historical treasures. The town’s primary attraction is the Catholic Church which dates back to 1879 and rests on the site where the miracle of the wine is thought to have taken place. The neighbouring Greek Orthodox church of St. George was constructed in 1886 and features two stone jars believed by Greek Orthodox followers to be the jars with which Jesus performed the miracle. With its intriguing historical ruins and burial caves and its warm and welcoming locals, Cana makes a great base for exploring the wonders of this ancient area and its rich historical heritage.